Balan David 3 years


UPD: Case is closed! A part of the ammount was raised on the Українська Біржа Благодійності, the rest of the sums are expected from the Ministry of Health! We will keep you updated! Reports later!


Diagnosis: myelodysplastic syndrome (D46) MDC

Required: $ 120,000 for a bone marrow transplant in Turkey (Medical Park Medical Center).

Projekt auf Українська Біржа Благодійності


David is 3 years old, and he has been struggling with a non-infantile disease all the last year. The child’s body does not produce platelets. He undergoes supportive treatment and constantly has a blood transfusion. Doctors gave a chance to recover from a bone marrow transplant . Turkish MedicalPark Bancelievler Hospital, Istanbul will accept David for the treatment. They set an account at $ 120,000. It is not necessary to write that the amount is unrealistic for Olga – the mother of David, who educates the child alone, and now does not work.

Mother’s words :

“My name is Olga. Son is David. Now he is 3 years. After the last puncture and trepanobiopsis was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (D46) MDC, the bone marrow does not produce platelets. Regularly pour thromboconcentrate, artificially raise their number. The results of the analysis are deteriorating. Conclusion of the physician consilium is the necessity of carrying out bone marrow transplantation from a non identical donor abroad (parents do not fit as donors).

It’s hard for me to survive, but God gives me strength to fight and I will fight for the happiness and health of my son! »

CF “Modern village and town” will reresend all funds received for treatment of Balan David to the account of the clinic and will provide all necessary reports.
Group of fundraising in VK: group VK
Mom’s page in FB: FB group
Mama’s direct details:

+38 097 374 96 41 Balan Olga
E-mail: [email protected]
Viber: +380999337842 WhatsApp: +380973749641

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