Beznosyuk Anastasia


Beznosyuk Anastasia

4 years

Diagnosis: effects of acute viral encephalitis tetraparesis, retinal eye amaurosis, psycho motor development delay syndrome of single disorders, epilepsy, hip dislocation pathological against the background of dysplastic arthrosis.

The girl suffered for his life a coma and artificial ventilation of lungs, her development remained at 3.5 months. But her mother did not hand down, they visited various rehabilitation clinics in Ukraine and even in Italy, but only in Israel at Shaare Zedek Medical Center agreed to help. Doctors Medical Center will conduct a survey and try to get rid of the terrible attacks and seizures, which are every day and several times. Price for counseling and medical care in Israel is 14,800 shekels, which is about 105 000 UAH, but such funds huge for the mother, she rents apartment and live without a husband, but  she was able to collect nearly half – 50 000 UAH, and get the consent from the father to leave the child abroad. That is still needed 53 000 UAH and baby can receive the necessary assistance.

Card PrivatBank mom

4149 4978 6189 1846

Beznosyuk Christina Ruslanivna


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