Bilous Maria and Alexander

Bilous Maria and Alexander

3 and 2 years

Diagnosis: bilateral chronic sensorineural deafness from birth

Masha and Sasha – brother and sister. Masha 3 years old and Sasha almost 2 years old.

Both has bilateral chronic sensorineural deafness from birth !!! At such hearing loss hearing aids powerless, but there is a solution – cochlear implantation (implantation of artificial ears).

Government programs such operations does not function! And it is essential to make this operation as soon as possible while the children formed a language center. If not, the chances that Alexander and Maria can hear and speak are almost zero.

But the cost of such transactions 26 000 euros ( 701 thousand UAH) – is not possible for the family of little children. A family should buy 2 hearing sets of implantation systems.

We appeal to all: businessmen, philanthropists, television and other caring people to help spread the information and gather the necessary amount of 701,000 UAH for Masha and 846,000 UAH for Sasha on cochlear implantation. (The operation will be conducted in SI “Institute of Otolaryngology named. Prof. O.S.Kolomiychenka NAMS Ukraine” – the money is needed to purchase the implant).

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mother Belous Elena


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