Vanya Gopak


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Vielen Dank an alle, die dazu beigetragen  zu helfen! 

Gopak Vanya 2.6 years

Diagnosis:  syndrome of  movement disorders, spastic tetraparesis

Needed: 10,850 UAH for rehabilitation at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets, Lviv region).


“Unfortunately, a father does not stay with the sick children.” – Says Oksana, Vanya’s mother.

They say all families are equally happy and unhappy in its own way.

With 5 attempts to have a baby a girl from the village of Dubova (Uman district) got its happiness – Vanya! But baby has  syndrome of  movement disorders, spastic tetraparesis in other words cerebral palsy.

His father has gone, and his mother is surviving on a social assistance of 1335UAH. BUT!!! Vanya is perspective and could become a mother’s helper and support, carring a rehabilitation. Again BUT! – Rehabilitation in Truskavets is about 11 000 UAH. You understand that the amount is unreal when you get 1335 UAH / month!

Given that he is only 2 and a half years old, there are many chances for a full life and infinite happiness for Vanya and his mother Oksana!


All funds will be transfered to LLC “International Clinic of Rehabilitation” according to the account for the treatment of Gopak I.O.

Details for assistance:

Card in Private Bank

Charity fund “Modern Village and City”

5169 3305 0806 7185 (Klimov Evgeny Petrovich – Head)

Payment: donation to Ivan Gopak


Current account Charity fund “Modern Village and City”

UAH 26000051513774 in PJSC CB “PrivatBank”

MFO 354347

OKPO 38695058

USD 26008052755924

MFO 300711

OKPO 38695058

EUR 26001052755114,

MFO 300711

OKPO 38695058


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