Polishchuk Maria



Polishchuk Maria, 3 years old
Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
Collection – 11 940 UAH
– treatment + travel, accommodation and meals.
“I am ready to give everything, if only Marusinki can walk” …
So begins the treatment of 3-year-old Marusinki’s mother. Mama’s Princess herself can sit without support, eat, even crawl, but can not standing and walking. The child has cerebral palsy. She spent the first month of her life in resuscitation under the apparatus of artificial ventilation of the lungs. Mom is constantly busy with her daughter. The last time after rehab in the Kozyavkin method clinic, Marusya even learned to ride a bike! So that she finally went – you need to go further. The next course is already in early May. But the cost of rehabilitation is too high for an ordinary family – mother is at home for child care, her dad works for forgery, because he also has health problems, the family lives in grandmother’s house, in the village of Cherkasy region.
11 940 UAH – treatment + travel, accommodation and meals.

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