Anne Puris

6 years

Diagnosis: neurofibromatosis, significant deformation of the thoracic spine with antelisthesis spondylolizom at T9 on the background  dural spine and vascular changes

Required: 60 000 USD diagnosis and subsequent treatment in Israel.

The girl has a disease one in a million. In other words, it is very strong scoliosis hump  who cant downward frantic pace. Without a surgery he girl can be paralyzed completely. Clinics of Ukraine can not help the girl.

It is possible to carry out a full diagnosis and begin treatment in Israel Medical Center “Ihilov -Suraski” where a team of doctors are ready to save the girl. But the cost of treatment is 60 000 USD.

Privat Bank Card

Vera Puris (mother)

4149 4378 2952 3529

тел: +38 (068) 8173790

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