First aid kits for elderly persons living on their own

A lot of elderly people are forced to survive on an infinitesimal pension. Almost all elderly people are ill, but cannot purchase the medication they need. Many don’t even have any family who could help them out in hard times. They are war and labour veterans, disabled persons, ex-combatants, persons born in time of war, military service veterans, liquidators of Chernobyl disaster, and common people. They all need medication, but don’t have the ability to buy it. That’s why we are fundraising for first aid kits for them.

The cost of one kit is around 300 UAH.

It includes 39 items – first aid medications: Allochol, Ambroxol, ammonia inhalants, Amizonum, Analgin, Aspirin, Barboval, Bellasthesin, roll gauze, boric acid solution, antiseptic, Valerian, Validol, cotton wool, activated charcoal, Mebhydrolin, iodine, Captopres, Corvalment, Corvalolum, Althaeae officinalis extract, finger stalls, Naphazoline, Nitrosorbide, Pancreatin, Hydrogen peroxide, Revit, Senadexin, Septefrilum, Spasmalgon, Phthalylsulfathiazole, Carbol fuchsin, Furazolidonum, Furosemide, Citramonum.

Charity fund “Modern Village and City” addresses all those who care to support this initiative to donate for these essentials for people who need them.

This is a long-term action, for we are not stopping at just one city or village. All the money raised for these kits for the elderly will be spent on medication, which will then be delivered to elderly persons. We will publish photo reports, and transparent reports of the use of donations for every lot of kits sent out.

We care about the fate of everyone who came to us for help