Ultrasound scanner to the Uman hospital

We are raising funds to purchase ultrasound scanner with Doppler and vaginal sensor for Uman hospital. Each year the investigation of more than 10,000 current female clients of maternity center is conducted. There is one available ultrasound scanner that carries out the survey in midwifery clinic but it’s still older more than 20 years and it does not meet the requirements of modern Gynecology.

Usually during the pregnancy it’s necessary to pass ultrasound diagnosis more than 2-3 times. The problem is that fact that main indicators such as biophysical profile of fetus and fetal Doppler cannot be scanned with the ultrasound machine that is available in the hospital now. To purchase a scanner with Doppler ultrasound and vaginal sensor we need $ 20,000 (500,000 UAH). There are more than 4500 investigations and more than 700 female patients carried out in Uman maternity hospital each year, that’s why we need to have a new modern machine.

Help us to collect money together and buy the ultrasound scanner for the hospital to make future mothers feel secure about their children.

We need to collect 500,000 UAH for ultrasound scanner with Doppler SonoScape S11 Apparatus.


We care about the fate of everyone who came to us for help