Charity fund “Modern Village and City” with the support of ICF” Public Health Alliance» held a charity concert in the town. Uman to draw attention to the spread of humans’ HIV transmission.

On December the 1 among the medical establishments of Khrystynivka, Monastyrysche and Uman, Cherkasy region also were distributed informational materials (Uman Central Hospital Maternity of Uman, Khrystynivka Central Hospital, Monastyrischensky Central Hospital, Uman City Hospital). The above health facilities handouts are distributed among visitors and patients.

On December the 5, 2015 in Uman Central Park it was a concert of the youth group “Atmosphera” and singer Alexander Bidenko. During the event, volunteers handed out informational materials present and condoms. At the concert, the audience was overwhelming youth, which was a key point, referring to the theme of the event.

During the concert, volunteers handed out materials with information on the main routes of HIV transmission, prevention of infection, medical and social problems.

Such events are drawing attention on the spread of HIV infection. Due to the fact that the entire population still in a group of risk, everyone should know about the ways of HIV transmission.

The main purpose of the World AIDS Day is to draw public attention to this problem. In Ukraine, in Eastern Europe and Central Asia prevalence of HIV / AIDS is really high (for adults is 1.1%). Every day in Ukraine is registered ove 48.5 cases of HIV infection.

We care about the fate of everyone who came to us for help