Iryna Tseranyuk


Very pity to understand that in this a difficult time, FOR OUR STATE, the enemy exists not only on the front, but also in her real life.
Irina has been struggling for her life for more than 10 years, and her husband stands in defense of our country in the ATO. He fights for freedom for everyone of us, but can not win in the fight for the health of his wife.
She has the severe disease – aplastic anemia, which is a severe illness when the bone marrow does not produce “right” blood cells for normal functioning. Bone marrow transplants is the unique salvation.
It is frustrating to realize the fact that if Iryna will born in Belarus, Italy, Poland, Turkey would live, and could only die because she is UKRAINIAN. Iryna became a hostage of her illness and a sick medical system in Ukraine because in the world such illness is treated in the state and at state expense.
In Ukraine, the transplantation for Iryna can not be made, but doctors from Turkey Medical Park clinic agreed to help. The operation will be from a non-native donor, and it should be done as soon as possible, because the blood indexes are falling faster and pearls are becoming more frequent.
“This is a difficult period of life. You can not live fully every day, and the drugs that are need constantly take a negative impact on the work of the whole body, even on the future opportunity to become a mother. ”
Each day of delay for Iryna may become the last.
Requisites for help:
Privat Bank 4149 4991 0539 3431 Tseranyuk Irina Stepanovna
5168 7573 3521 5226 Nikolin Stepan Stepanovich (Irina’s father)
0935486158 Tseranyuk (Nikolina) Irina Stepanovna
0638599545, 0958810461 Nikolin Stepan Stepanovich (Irina’s father)

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