Diagnosis: cerebral palsy. Required fund: 11 940 UAH – rehabilitation center.

Lisa has an early lesion of the CNS, atonic-asthenic syndrome, and has a delay in psycho-speech development - this is one of the types of cerebral palsy

ЗБІР ЗАКРИТО! Eighteen-year-old beauty chained to the bed. A young, intelligent girl is in constant pain at a time when her peers are enjoying life, falling in love, choosing the future....

The parents were waiting for Misha with love and hope. But during childbirth, doctors had to make a vacuum. It was a critical moment in the life of the family. Brain...

Matthew is a very nice and smiling boy, but diagnoses are given in signs


Varchenko Vladislav Vladimirovich City: Yatranovka village, Cherkasy region Diagnosis: consequences of spinal cord injury, fracture of C5, C6 vertebrae with damage to the spinal cord in the form of paraparesis. Dysfunction...


Julia Palamarchuk Diagnosis: “Necrotic enterocolitis, cerebral palsy, spastic tetraplegia, in the phase of lying with head control” Julia Palamarchuk was born one of the twins ahead of schedule, and this affected...


Name: Grushovets Ania, 11.01.2013 City: Golubne village, Rivne region Diagnosis: structural epilepsy with frequent polymorphous attacks, resistant to therapy, delayed psychoverbal development, dysarthria, chronic recurrent cystitis, pyelonephritis, hip dysplasia, subluxations on...


In 3 years, small Dimka does not know how to sit, walk, eat - he has cerebral palsy


Taras Vynnyk Kyiv region rehabilitation course is 5000 UAH This is Taras, he is from the Kyiv region and he is 5 years old and he is from a large family!...

She is a young mother of 1 year old baby bedridden.

When Mariya was 5 years old, she and her mother were hit by a car. After an accident due to stress, the child closed completely and stopped talking at all. 3...


The father brings up the children himself and also fights for the health of the youngest - Bogdan.

Nastya Oliynyk 11 years old US 11700 Important operation – will save 10 years Nastya! A girl dreams of dancing and acrobatics, but because of a terrible illness – she can...

У Богдана ДЦП. Йому дуже потрібна реабілітація.

Gopak Vanya Diagnosis: syndrome of movement disorders, spastic tetraparesis Needed: rehabilitation at the International Clinic of Rehabilitation (Truskavets, Lviv region).

Ілларію терміново потрібен НІВЛ – апарат неінвазивної штучної вентиляції легень для того щоб дихати!

Він дихає через апарат НІВЛ і зараз йому терміново потрібен зволожувач MR 850 Fisher Paykel.

Vlad is 2 years old and more than half of his life he undergoes chemotherapy (already 9!)

Diagnosis: Retinopathy of 4-5 degrees, cerebral palsy. Required amount: 11 343 UAH for the course rehabilitation in a rehabilitation center "Elite" m. Lviv.


"I am ready to give everything, if only Marusinka went"


UPD: Збр закрито! 14 тисяч євро із 20-ти потрібних зібрали. Решту суми – 6 тисяч євро батькам передали батьки Діанки Батій “Діанка Батій – Боротьба за життя”. Це кошти, які так...


Необхідно: більше 83 000 доларів США (еквівалент) на трансплантацію печінки


НЕОБХОДИМА операция на позвоночнике


It's hard for me to worry, but God gives me strength to fight and I will fight for the happiness and health of my son !!


The amount of 100 thousand dollars seems improbable, but with the help of a careless this man can get a NEW HEART.

On the second year of Volodya’s life doctors of Cherkassy Regional Center stunned his family with diagnosis - chronic bilateral sensorineural deafness since birth.

Masha and Sasha - brother and sister. Masha 3 years old and Sasha almost 2 years old. Both has bilateral chronic sensorineural deafness from birth !!! At such hearing loss hearing aids...

Dejneka Makar, 7 years Diagnosis: bilateral chronic sensorineural deafness. The required amount of 20 000 UAH for the purchase of hearing aids


Was born 25 September 2015 (m. Uman, Cherkasy region). Diagnosis: Hemophilia A. Necessary medicines: Novoseven- 42,000 UAH. In average, 50 bottles per month.

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