From 15.08.2020, until the decision of Naglyadova for the sake of FILIA “CHERKASKE GRU” PrivatBank will switch to the single MFO PrivatBank.

New requisites for the charity fund “Suchasne selo ta misto” in the national currency.

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The National Expert Council and more than 40 external experts involved have identified the best philanthropists in Ukraine for 2019. During the pandemic and quarantine, the winners were announced online.

Amber Angel of Good flies to the Charitable Foundation “Modern Village and City”! We are the first in the nomination “Local charity”.

We thank all our assistants for every hryvnia, for ideas, for the help of our partners, friends, who care. Everyone involved in helping our wards, in delivering aid, in distribution, in recommendations, and advice. Thank you to the National Charitable Ukraine Competition for doing good and charity, and therefore gaining momentum!

The only online database of charitable foundations and organizations in Ukraine that publicly publish their annual tax reports. The interactive map is updated annually based on the results of the National Rating of Philanthropists. Here you will find profiles of charitable organizations, you can sort them by region, final recipients, scope and amount of annual assistance. For journalists, researchers, analysts – ready infographics on key trends in charity for the previous year.

As a humanitarian aid, the Modern Village and City Charitable Foundation received a much-needed drug for the treatment of seriously ill patients – Albumin Human 25% Flexbumin 100 ml.
Importantly, this assistance was provided during such a particularly difficult period in the fight against the pandemic.
“Albumin Human 25% Flexbumin” 100 ml received:
➡Cherkasy Regional Oncology Center;
➡National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology named after OO Shalimov National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine;
➡Uman city hospital;
➡Uman Central District Hospital;
➡Khrystynivka Central District Hospital;
➡Ternopil University Hospital.
Albumin is used in intensive care, during surgery, injuries, burns, kidney disease, liver, etc. Even premature babies in need of intensive care are treated with Albumin.
Patients will receive such treatment as prescribed by a physician.

The Charitable Foundation “Contemporary Village and City” received the “Angel of Good” – 1 place in the National Charity Ukraine Competition in the “Local Philanthropy” nomination.
“April 16 in the column hall of the Kyiv city state administration awards ceremony of the winners of the National Contest” Charitable Ukraine-2018 “was held.

Among the 964 applications submitted to the e-mail address of the competition, the National Expert Council and more than 40 external experts involved identified the best philanthropists in Ukraine. This year, the contestants submitted their applications in 23 nominations. “(Https://
Among the 50 applications submitted in the “Local Charity” nomination, our Charitable Foundation “Modern Village and the City” received 1 place.
“Grateful to colleagues, volunteers, international partners and all the indifferent people who helped and continue to help us do good deeds!” – said the director of the charity fund Yevgeny Klimov during the speech at the award ceremony.
Video from the ceremony at the link:


28 вересня 2018 року відбулась церемонія нагородження Національного Рейтингу благодійників, організована Українським Форумом Благодійників. Національний рейтинг благодійників – це щорічний національний рейтинг благодійних організацій, які оприлюднюють свої річні податкові звіти.

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БФ “Сучасне село та місто” знову на старті! Тепер це – Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon! Благодійний забіг командою! Біг об’єднує людей, а ще ми збираємо на наступний курс реабілітації у Трускавці для маленького Вані Гопака!

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Ми починаємо новий проект – цикл прекрасних сюжетів про життя відомих людей з діагнозом ДЦП. Вони працюють, надихають, творять! Ці люди приклад для суспільства – вони ще раз підтверджують ДЦП – не вирок!

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April 22, 2018 in Kiev on the Kontraktova Square was held 8th Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon.
11 000 participants from 52 countries of the world came to the start!
Among them there is the team of the BF “Modern Village and City”.
and almost 25,000 spectators filled the streets of the city to support the runners.
On the website of the Ukrainian Exchange of Charity, we raise funds for the project “By running – I help” to purchase equipment for FAPs and outpatient clinics in small villages in the Cherkassy region.
You can support the website of the Ukrainian Exchange of Charity
Біжу – селу допоможу. Проект на
Біжу – селу допоможу. Проект на



Команда міжнародної юридичної фірми Kinstellar пробіжить дистанцію на Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon, щоб зібрати кошти для сільських амбулаторій Черкаської області.

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We care about the fate of everyone who came to us for help