Chybuk Vlad


Diagnosis: neuroblastoma 4 tbsp.

Required: $ 8,800 for a survey at Koç University in Istanbul

Vlad is 2 years old and more than half of his life he undergoes chemotherapy (already 9!). He has a tumor on the spine – a neuroblastoma of 4 st. There was an operation, but there was no miracle – relapse, the tumor began to grow. In Ukraine, was proposed to continue chemistry, but in Turkey, the clinic has experience in the treatment of such tumors, it is necessary to go for a consultation and a full qualitative survey, which cannot be realized in Ukraine. The price is $ 8,800. The little Vlad has only his mother Anna. The amount is unreal for her. But there is hope! Hope for good people who will help. When Vlad was 5 months old, when all the moms start helping their childs to sit down, Anna tried to lay her son with pillows to help him to sit, but it was obviously hurt to him. They tried massages, but the legs completely stopped working, after the MRI – the diagnosis shocked: neuroblastoma stage 4. In other words, it is a tumor on the spine, protects the vertebrae and does not allow to move the legs. Numerous chemotherapy and surgery began, but after that, the disease retreated only for a while, then the tumor began to increase again. The solution can be offered in Turkey – the Koç University Hospital in Istanbul has experience in the treatment of neuroblastoma, there they have assured that healing is possible. Now Vlad needs to conduct a qualitative survey that can not be conducted in Ukraine: different types of MRI, puncture, etc. But the mother educates the boy alone. The amount of $ 8,800 after all that has already been spent on treatment is not real. So let’s help them – let’s return happiness to Vlad’s mom and health to Vlad!

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Ми піклуємось про долю кожного, хто до нас звернувся по допомогу