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Your help to little Ukrainians!

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We collect money for help to small out-patient departments of remote villages of Ukraine!

First aid kits for elderly persons living on their own

A lot of elderly people are forced to survive on an infinitesimal pension. Almost all elderly people are ill, but cannot purchase the medication they need. Many don’t even have any family who could help them out in hard times. They are war and...

Group “Жить!”


Friends! We have a new project – a group  “Жить!” (LIVE!) in Facebook! Community of indifferent people ready to help all those in need: treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, medicines, purchase of equipment !!! Public group where everyone can place their request for money raising! Adds...

Education for children without parental care and people with disabilities at the rehabilitation center “Prolisok” in Uman

Проект розпочався 1 січня 2016

Together with United States charity organization the training Klaymber SEG SM3276 and treadmills Vigor XP L500 were purchased and transferred to the Center for Social Rehabilitation "Prolisok".

We care about the fate of everyone who came to us for help