Grushovets Ania


Name: Grushovets Ania, 11.01.2013

City: Golubne village, Rivne region

Diagnosis: structural epilepsy with frequent polymorphous attacks, resistant to therapy, delayed psychoverbal development, dysarthria, chronic recurrent cystitis, pyelonephritis, hip dysplasia, subluxations on both sides

6 years ago, two daughters, Nastia and Ania, were born in a large family. They are in the photo… The difference is incredible…, and then only quotes will go: “The child did not breathe herself”, “the heartbeat weakly” “then we treated the pyelonephritis, then pneumonia, the operation on the urine in hospitals, Ania in her eight months was inept even to keep head”, “at 4 years, I noted that Ania looks at one point and does not react to anything”, “she has bronchoscopy, intervertebral osteotomy of both femur bones”. We have not seen such a number of diagnoses and medical terms in the history of one 6-year-old child for a long time.

Aniuta’s main diagnosis cannot be accommodated even in a paragraph. After long ordeals in hospitals, we quote further: “Having treated one thing or another, the child’s fading increased when she was four years old, she began to get up on her feet and take the first steps, but epilepsy started, after each, she gradually stopped talking…”.
Ania has a severe form of epilepsy, which is almost not treatable! And because of severe epilepsy, the treatment of associated diseases and surgery are either ineffective or simply impossible. After the hospitals, her mother miraculously managed to show the child to a doctor from the Medical Park clinic (Turkey), who was on a visit to Kiev regarding one of his little patients from Ukraine, whom he had recently saved. The first thing the doctor said when he saw Anya was: “God, why does the child suffer so much with seizures?”. It turned out that the only chance for a child to live a normal life is an operation to establish a vagal stimulator. The doctor gives a guarantee that the attacks decrease by 80%, and, perhaps, they will not be at all.

Our mission is to collect at UBB 300 000 UAH from 17 600 euros necessary for Ania’s treatment abroad! The family is large, the twins have 2 more brothers, they live in the village and 17,600 euros is the amount of space. But we believe: this mission is feasible, this is the end of the Ania ordeal!

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