Marchak Maxim


New rehabilitation course is planned for October 2018 – 11940 UAH
Th araising is open.

10 years old,  Dmytrushky. Uman, Cherkasy region.

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy.

Required fund: 8500 UAH – rehabilitation center «Viter zmin”.

Maxim  Marchak was born healthy, but at the age of seven months he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Maxim understands everything, studies on the individual form and smiles a lot.

To defeat the disease Maxim needs to undergo a rehabilitation course several times per year at the International Rehabilitation Clinics (Truskavets, Lviv region) “Viter zmin” and other centers, specialize on cerebral palsy.

On May, the 3d he goes to “Viter zmin” center, where hippo therapy is used as the main treatment of people with disabilities.

The course of treatment costs 8500 UAH (including additional classes). The Maxim’s family is not giving up for searching for help, because there are some results of treatment.

We cannot stop!


Mom of disabled child- Lyudmila Malaya:

«My son’s name is Max, he is 10 years old and he’d like to run and jump on his own, but because of his illness he has no possibility to do it.

Our story began 10 years ago. My son Max was born in June 11, 2005; it was my first stimulated childbirth. The babie’s weight  was 2.980( it is 9 points on Apgar scale) It means, that he was born absolutely healthy.

On the 5th day we were discharged from maternity house and I was the happiest mom in the whole world. Everything was fine, but after After 3 months of his birth, we came to the grief!  Maxim’ve got  DTP vaccination, after which he slept almost  the whole day and when he  woke up -we noticed that he had changed – his body was very tense.

We immediately consulted with a doctor and he told us that we should not worry, because it  might be a reaction to the vaccine. But the miracle did not happen, and at the age of  4 months, we asked for help in the Kyiv Institute of pediatrics, where we finally heard the truth and started struggling for the health of our son. At the age of seven months he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. For us, who have never faced with it, the word of cerebral palsy was terrible and frightening. Our life seemed to be over. However, don’t give up and still believe that cerebral palsy is not a «death sentence” I hope we can get through it and everything will be all right!

Maxim understands everything, studies on the individual form and smiles a lot. It’s more than 10 years that we help Maxim to recover, and fight for his ability to live the full life. We have visited various rehabilitation centers; he underwent 7 courses of dolphin- and hippotherapy.

There are some results of treatment: the muscle tone has decreased, the cross of the feet has disappeared, he sank to the full heel and could turn over on his stomach, he can raise his hands up, began to crawl on his bellies.

To defeat the disease Maxim needs nearly 3-4 times a year to go to the clinic for treatment, which costs a lot.  As every mother, I am trying to help my son and ask for not being indifferent and help Maksym to win the right for a full life. My son’s dream is to defeat cerebral palsy that heavily engages in his development. We have no possibility to collect such funds on treatments by ourselves!

Do you think that it’s easy to ask? – no!  Do you think that it’s easy to take -NO! But to heal your child – you will do everything! Please, help us  in difficult times! Because it’s not a manifestation of the weakness, but of the  strength! PLEASE, WE DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT ! WIHOUT YOUR HELP WE CANNOT COPE WITH IT!!!! *** Ludmila ***

Required FUND: 8500 UAH – rehabilitation center «Viter zmin”.

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